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Updated by Alex Cartwright on 02/26/2018

To create and publish an event on the TalentShadows platform, simply click +ADD EVENT once logged in to your account. Click here for more information on how to create an account.

A box will appear for you to enter initial event details. When finished, click 'Continue'.

You will now see additional details and configurations for your event.

Choose whether your event is in Draft, Private, or Public mode. In Draft mode, it will only be visible to you and ticket sales will not be active. Private mode will allow you to ticket or enable registration for an event, without having it listed on the TalentShadows public pages. Simply share the URL for your event to desired guests. Public mode will turn your event live on all public pages of TalentShadows, such as the homepage and events page.  In this section, you may also choose to require a password for access to the event page.

In the details section, notice that the information entered earlier has carried over. Additionally, choose a theme color for your event. This is the color that the TalentShadows header and other areas will show on the event page. In the 'Description' text area, enter any details about your event you wish to tell your customers about that will be displayed.

Enter a phone number, email address, and/or a website that your customers should contact for information or questions about the event.

Enter the name, address, and contact information for the event venue or location. The 'Venue Address' field is linked with Google Maps and will automatically recognize locations to populate other fields.

Create tickets or enable reserved seating for your event. Note - if you are utilizing reserved seating, draw your seating chart before creating tickets, for linking purposes. For a more detailed guide on how to create tickets, click here. For a more detailed guide on how to create a reserved seating chart, click here.

Select a cover image and ticket logo for your event. The cover image will be displayed as the main image alongside the event pages and thumbnails. The ticket logo is the image that will be displayed on tickets issued to customers. You can choose the same image for these.

Choose how many coupons a customer can use during checkout. These would only be for discount codes that you create . In most cases, this will remain '1'. This is the section that you would create any discount codes desired, as well as any custom checkout fields. By default, we collect name, email, and phone number from customers.

Enable Google Analytics and other plugins for your event. TalentShadows has partnered with NetworkKing to help your customers network at events. You can now seamlessly enable this application on any TalentShadows event. For more information on NetworkKing, click here.

When finished, click 'SAVE'.

Congratulations! Your event is now live. Feel free to preview or share your event at this time. Additionally, you can copy the URL to send out for advertising or use for any ticket links on platforms, such as Facebook. Finally, choose to continue editing your event, or return home to your main account dashboard.

For other questions about creating events, please reach out to us at

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