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Updated by Alex Cartwright on 02/26/2018

To register an account to sell tickets, navigate to

Here you will be able to go through a quick registration process and begin ticketing your event within minutes. When going to your account for the first time, it will ask whether you are creating an account to sell tickets or purchase them. In this case, you will choose 'Sell Tickets'. Don't worry, this one profile will also keep any tickets you purchase for other events linked. There's no need to create a separate account for purchasing!

You will also be asked to enter a group name. This is the name that will be associated with all of the events you create. If you are an organization, this is where you can put that name. If you are not associated with an organization and are selling as an individual, choose anything you wish- just be sure it falls in line with our Terms of Service!

Be sure to enter your billing information upon creating an account. This is how we will know who and where to send your payouts to, and everybody loves payday!

Please note

If you do not provide us with accurate billing information, we wil be unable to payout your events.

If you think in one year you will process over 200 orders or $20,000 in ticket sales, you will need to complete and submit a W-9 tax form. This can be downloaded here. Please send the completed form to If you pass 200 orders or $20,000 in sales, we will send you a 1099-K during tax season.

Please note

If you reach this threshold and have not submitted a W-9 to us, all further payouts will be suspended until this information is completed.

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